Using our mantra, we deliver a personalised strategy that inspires, educates and enables your employees and clients to reach their full potential.

We help you to implement a comprehensive strategy that will  inspire, educate, and enable your employees to reach their full potential.

Since 1989, we've been dedicated to perfecting solutions for your health, fitness and wellbeing needs, whether you are an individual or a global corporation.


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Whatever your requirements you can rely on us, to provide complete facility management and administration of a safe, well run health hub where users will benefit from working with experienced, qualified instructors.


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Assessing your company’s workforce is often the missing link when creating a successful wellbeing strategy.  Our team of experts will conduct comprehensive health checks and offer lifestyle advice to the individuals. The data collected will provide the current health statistic of your company and help to map out your future goals.


Green Goodness

Wellness days can include a variety of services such as:
Kiosk (BP, BMI, Body fat %, heart age etc.)
Cholesterol, glucose & diabetes check
Lung function testing
Complementary therapy treatments – reflexology, massage
Cyclossage massage system
Pilates and yoga activity sessions
Smoothie bike competition
Interactive workshops


"In the demanding environment of Formula One, the fitness and wellbeing of our staff is extremely important and can have a direct impact on the team's performance. We have been working closely with Daniels Fitness Group this year to tailor our fitness programmes, and their professionalism, commitment and expertise have played a key role in improving participation levels and fitness results throughout the team."

John Marsden, Formula 1

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a dedicated and professional company and I wish the Daniels Fitness Group and all its employees the best for the future.”

First Choice Holidays

"Anna adapted her wonderful workshop to suit our specific requirements. We all went away inspired and indeed, several months on, are appreciating the long-term benefits of her help."

Alex Burnand, Kent County Council