Health Assessments For Your Staff – Is Prevention Better Than Cure?

Long-term sickness absence costs UK businesses £4.17bn a year. A report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) estimates the cost of long-term sickness absence – absences of six months or more – at £4.17 billion to private sector businesses in the UK. (

Health checks for your employees are a super supplement to your work health and wellbeing programme and they could be very good for business. They help to map out the journey from ‘You Are Here’ to ‘You Are Healthier, Happier and More Productive’.

Health assessments provide a review of the current health of individual employees and may detect the early signs of some diseases. It’s a Win-Win scenario for both employers and employees as the latter will see it as a commitment by their bosses to their wellbeing and employers will see benefits in fewer staff sickness days and cost savings with lower requirements for recruiting and re-training.

So what do health assessments involve?

They are a range of tests and checks; you could call it a health MOT, which will identify any problems with the health status of your staff. They take the form of questionnaires and tests and can also include lifestyle advice, such as eating more healthily and giving up smoking. Naturally, all of this is confidential and employees can discuss the results with trained medical professionals.

Tests will ascertain:

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol level

  • Blood glucose levels

  • Height, weight and BMI

  • Cardiovascular risk factors

  • Lung function

Benefits For Employees

Your employees will receive invaluable information about their health and if they do have any concerns, something health related that is troubling them, they can discuss it with a professional in total confidence. They will also receive information and recommendations as to how they can actively improve their health.

It could be the case that some of your employees are living with a health condition that they actually know nothing about. For example, undetected high cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease and strokes and high sugar levels to diabetes.

Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle support can take the form of advice about quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, becoming more active, eating more healthily including lowering sugar intake which could lead to protecting the long-term health of your employees as they make changes to their lifestyles.

Employer Benefits

It makes financial sense to keep your employees healthy:

  • Fewer sickness days

  • Happier and more motivated staff

  • Greater productivity

  • Improved morale and loyalty

  • Lower staff turnover

  • Less re-training

Health Assessments As Part Of Your Wellbeing Programme

The Daniels Group runs health and wellbeing programmes, which include health assessments. Our trained nurses can carry out 1 to 1 appointments with your staff who will then discuss test results as well as advising on how the readings can be improved, for example, lowering cholesterol, blood glucose and blood sugar levels. This could really lead to preventing serious illness.

What To Do Next

If you are considering health checks for your staff for 2018, get in touch with the Daniels Group on 01580 200048 for a without obligation chat on the best way to implement this for your company. We can of course set this up for your organisation, working to your budget leading to a happier, healthier workforce. People really are the most valuable asset in your company.