Wellbeing retreats: Trends in Asia

In the chaos of daily life, it is difficult to take out time for one's self. A person immerses himself/herself in work, the family, the house, and the resultant stress on a daily basis, making it difficult to reach a state of relaxation, passivity and tranquillity, in which the person can meditate on particular topics.

Wellness Retreats are sensory experiences aimed at the enjoyment, relaxation and recovery of vital energy. A whole weekend dedicated to personal well-being and inner calm. They are holidays with intention, which means you're going there to serve you. You go there to replenish your energy and to take care of yourself. It is not a retreat in which you are simply going to be pampered, but one where deep work is carried out to improve health and well-being.

Participants have the opportunity to make contact with wellness and relaxation techniques and tools and incorporate them into their daily routine. Activities such as mindfulness workshops, fitness classes, relaxation and self-massage, forest baths or energy music concerts, are typical.

Wellness Retreats are aimed at all those people who need a break to recover and rediscover their optimal vital state, both physically and emotionally, mentally and energetically. The activities are generally adapted for all ages and do not require prior preparation to be carried out. Even those who meditate, eat well, exercise or even spiritual or religious people can benefit from leaving their environment, taking time to disconnect and dedicate themselves through a wellness retreat.

Culturally many relate the word retreat with religious practice; however, there are different types of retreats: spiritual, holistic, healing, detoxification, yoga, fitness and mindfulness.

There is a misperception that it is only appropriate to seek retreat when you are experiencing a crisis, emotional problem, a challenging event or to address some behaviour problem such as addiction. Although certain withdrawals are designed to address these cases, the reality is that you do not have to go through something negative to decide to make a wellbeing retreat. Even for those who do them regularly, once a year or every six months, they become a type of preventive medicine

There are companies, spiritual teachers and even psychologists who organise group retreats, in which they practice wellness practices such as meditation, yoga, nature walks, breathing exercises, fitness classes, discussion of readings or specific topics, among other activities. In general, withdrawals can be from one day to another, two days, a week or even a month in some cases. Daniels Group has past experience in working with Sunsail Worldwide, working strategically across their company to set up seven wellbeing clubs. They then went on to work with First Choice Holidays to create the Daniels Group Wellbeing Centres in eighteen locations.

Wellbeing retreats on the rise

Stress is a worldwide epidemic that everyone must experience at one point or the other in life. People are well aware of the numerous health benefits of retreats, and the enthusiasm to explore this transformational experience is on the rise.

According to statistics, the wellness tourism industry’s is fastest growing sector with a 10% rise this year (2018), which amounts to a $500 billion addition to the market. According to Fact.MR (2017), the global wellness tourism market is expected to represent over $1.3 Trillion by the end of 2026. With its exotic places, ancient traditions and spirituality, it is no surprise that Asia is one of the major destinations to detoxify and be free of thoughts that dampen the mood.

With personalised attention, classes and alternative methods, these resorts are the top places to achieve pure well-being when travelling – and there is no need to travel far:

Daniels Group are thrilled to now be offering luxury health and fitness holidays offering a unique and exhilarating experience. An opportunity to escape your usual routine and dramatically transform your fitness. They have handpicked locations due to their incredible natural environment and challenging terrain and have teamed up with experts to provide these retreats in Verbier, Tuscany, Salcombe, Sardinia and now Bali.


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