Championing good mental health in the workplace

Wednesday 10th October is World Mental Health Day and here at Daniels Group we want to help support and nurture good mental health in the workplace.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sick leave in the UK which is costing businesses over £33 billion annually. 49% of working days were lost in 2016-17.

What can companies do about this? What strategies and tools are available to UK companies and how can they be implemented? This is where we come in…. Daniels Group offers Health and Wellness solutions to companies and their staff. We use evidence-based strategies and protocols that aim to develop a healthy workplace. We offer many services such as Health and Muscular Skeletal Assessments, Wellbeing Days, Sleep Analysis and even Healthy Eating Interactive Workshops. For everyone to thrive at work, a person’s physical, mental, emotional and nutritional situation must be taken into consideration. Our team at Daniels Group strive for great performance and productivity of you and your staff. We understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. To achieve overall wellbeing in the workforce we can help a business to be proactive, providing them with the knowledge and support to understand various health problems and to have a toolkit to tackle even the toughest of situations!

Mental ill-health is not easily spotted – it can happen to anyone, regardless of age and we are all subject to the stresses and strains of life which can trigger mental health issues. Poor mental health can lower the immune system and even affect our ability to fight off chronic diseases. High levels of stress and anxiety can lead to high blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack. Mental Health is a subject close to the heart of the Managing Director of Daniels Group, Anna Daniels, as she has experienced “burn out” and Chronic fatigue at one point in her career. Anna will be telling her story at The Federation of Small Businesses event and talking about the impact on her and her business, what she learnt as a result and how she believes than an employee wellness programme is crucial in today’s relentless and fast-paced working life.

So, what is the first step a Company can take to promote good mental health? Daniels Group believes that each client is unique and they use the mantra Access, Analyse, Implement, Achieve to help their clients achieve the wellbeing results that they desire, improve productivity and they have also proved that their program can guarantee a return on the investment!

Furthermore, we can help you to help your staff by offering a mental health first aid service to help train employees about mental health and empower them to use this knowledge to support themselves and their colleagues. This course is designed so that Employers can address mental health in the workplace productively and proactively in a positive, non-judgmental working space.

To find out more about our mental health first aid skills training for your organisation CLICK HERE.